Gels urine and loose stool of cats and dogs, neutralizing odors.

Our four-legged friends have a habit of peeing on floors, carpets and sofas. The powder Happy…P! in contact with urine and loose stool creates a compact amalgam that can be easily collected with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

The result will be incredible!
Dry surfaces, scented and without halos.

Thanks to our patented molecule present in the composition of Happy…P!, pee and diarrhea will not be a problem. Stains, halos and odors will be immediately neutralized and our friends will never come again in the same place!

Happy…P! It can also be used in the litter to prevent bad odors. Finally a product that really works and definitively resolves these annoying everyday problems.
Happy…P! It is a Class 1st medical device, so if ingested is not hazardous to the health of our animal friends.

We love Pets!


1. Spill a few grams of product on the liquid
2. Await a few seconds
3. Once gelled the urine and loose stool gather with vacuum cleaner or broom
4. Then the substance can be disposed of as household waste