Pee Cat on Sofa

The cat is a meticulous and mannered animal, however it may happen that, despite its innate tendency to do some stuff in his litter, wee on the couch; in these cases, even an hard washing can eliminate stains and odors, only … Happy…P! can absorb the liquid by removing stains and deodorizing fabrics. Put it to…


Dog that pees in the house

When our dog pees in the house, to blame it is not efficacious under the educational and psychological profile . The trauma can lead to real stress, the dog will evacuate when the boss is away trying to do it in hidden corners or scarcely detectable. In this case Happy … P! It will help…


Cat with cystitis

Cystitis cat shows up with the same symptoms that occur in the case of cystitis in humans: burning, itching, pain, difficulty in urinating, or even an excess of urine. When the cat has the need to urinate urgently , it could fouling off his box and in any place of the house, but will not…


Cat and dog vomiting

Vomiting of our four-legged friends is caused by a reflection of the central nervous system. The consequences depend on the duration and the volume and composition of the ejected liquid. After the incident occurs , to prevent permanent stains and persistence of odors ,it is important to act quickly with Happy … P! especially on…


Learn from our animal friends

If your child asks you insistently a dog or a cat, once established that it is not a whim, perhaps you would do well to listen to him. Pet could have great benefits on child development, contact with animals gives children a greater sense of responsibility, increase empathy and teaches them the cycle of life.

Happy older people

It has been proven by numerous studies that older people who take care of a companion have a good health, maintain a more cheerful and optimistic spirit, they are also urged to do more exercise and take better care of themselves with a consequent reduction in stress levels, less blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.